That’s Love.

I loved you

From the third

Day we met.

I’d say the first,

But society says

There’s something

Wrong with loving

Someone just because

They wore a Star Wars

t-shirt the day they

met you.


So it was the

Third day

For me.


Your tiny smiles

And witty humor

Got me right away.

You didn’t worry

About hurting my

Feelings by poking

Fun at me, even

Though we didn’t know

Each other.


That’s love.


It was in the glint

Of your eyes,

The teeny


Part you don’t

Always show,

That got me.

I knew we’d have



And you liked

The stuff that

I liked, the movies

And music

And being silly

For no real

Reason at all.


That’s love.


You dressed so

Strangely, so

Much like

A kid who

Just didn’t

Care what others

Thought, that



It threw me

For a loop,

Not knowing

What you’d

Really be like.

It made you





That’s love.


So we explored

And dove and


And did all

That crazy stuff

Everyone said

We’d never do.

We did it.


And we fought

And we yelled

But we never hit

And that’s alright

Because everyone

Has to get angry



But we were okay.

Just okay.

For a long, long


And then it stopped.

The okay part.


All of a sudden,

There was a lot

Of sadness

And a lot of


And I didn’t know

Where to put it

But in so that’s

Where it stayed

And the okay

Parts stopped.

Inside and out.


That’s love, too.


From that third

Day, to the 25th,

To the second month

To our 15th date,

I loved you.

For all the reasons

I said and for

Hundreds more.


But I had to

Let you go.

I had to go

On and you

Had to stay.


And that’s love.


Knowing when

To say goodbye.



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