I am caged.

The edge of my bed

Holds me hostage,

The walls of my room

Glare if I dare to peer

Through the doorway.

The road limits the places

I may go, and the

City limit markers refuse

To let me pass.

The farewell signs of this

Place do not allow me

To wave goodbye or

Bid farewell;

Their grip only tightens

As I try to escape.

The rivers and lakes

Reject my respectful nods;

They will not permit

A simple gesture of homage.


I am caged.

Like a bird, I may

Sing, but who may

Hear my song,

Who can hear

My cries?

My lungs may burst

From my efforts,

But the song will

Never be heard,

The bird will

Never be free.

Only in the imaginings

Of the simple creature

May it ever hope to


To be



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