A Day at the Beach

Heat and redness

Spread across my

Face like fire while I

Face the sun

And gaze into

Its light.

Tiny particles of

Once-great boulders

Cling to my heels and toes

Like dozens of small

Armies attacking

A large, calloused enemy.

Shock fills my limbs

As the cold, cold water

Slaps my skin,

Extinguishing the fire

But creating its own wounds.

Prickly creatures

And discarded treasures

Lurk beneath the

Gray-green water,

Preparing their own

Battle strategy.

Finally, after suffering

The chills and the heat

together, I


Going back across the

Battle-strewn fields

Of sand to my


Beneath the saddest of trees,

At last free of the struggles

Of a day at the beach.


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