Effects of a Heart Ripped Out

Take a breath in,
Let the breath out.
Over and over,
Then let’s repeat.
I’m hooked on all
Those machines
That keep a
Heart functioning normally,
Because I had a transplant.

My heart failed,
Literally and figuratively.
I think they happened
As a cause and effect
Sort of thing.

You broke my heart.

Whereas you didn’t
Change the status quo
By rejecting me, you
Did take it to the next
Level by ripping
It from my chest,
Leaving the empty
Cavity behind. It pumped
In your hands, where before
It always thrived and
Flourished, and you
Squeezed and crushed
My poor heart till
I had nothing left.

Why did you torture
Me so? And all
I ever did was
Love you.

The gaping fissure you
Created in the middle
Of my chest caved in.
When paramedics arrived,
They understood nothing.
I was deranged, and
Could tell them nothing.
I managed to get
A transplant,
But it seems that
This sort of heart
That’s hurting isn’t
Really real at all, nor
Is it really a heart.

It’s all in my head,
They tell me.

And I tell them,
Lies! I really loved
Him. I could not
Have imagined
Something as complex
And wonderful as he.

Why do you mock me,
Paramedics? Have you
Not suffered from a broken
Heart, too?

And still they laugh.

The pressure gauge
In my brain says I’m
Going to explode soon
By keeping all these
Emotions inside.
I say, eh, sure.

Do you know the
Worst part? I
Still have to see
You every day. I
See your smile,
I laugh at your jokes,
My conscience twangs
When people snub you.
But in the heart in
My head, I cry, because
You have everything I want
And can’t have, not even that
Which belonged to me


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