The Thoughts That Bind

You have these thoughts
That maybe, one day,
I may not love you

These thoughts are
Complete falsehoods;
My issue is that I
Can never stop

My thoughts are consumed
With you; my carnivorous
Brain eats away at the idea
Of you, and I can only pray
It leaves some memory
Of you

I feel us falling apart,
Little by little, as
Though the parts
Of our brains that
Are obsessed with
Each other are slowly
Falling off the surface
Of the interface,
Leaving nothing

That is how I feel.
I feel obsessed by
You, and even though
It is something
Started completely
In my own mind,
You still control
It to some extent

I feel so controlled,
So like a puppet
Who can do nothing
But dance for its master.
I do not wish to be
Controlled, but this is
How I am feeling

I have these thoughts
That maybe, one day,
You may not
Love me
But maybe, maybe,
You never did
[love me].


One thought on “The Thoughts That Bind

  1. Wow you are amazing. I wish I could secribe the incredible feeling I got when I read this. It is so… awesome. You should definitley keep it up. This is original and creative and above all real.
    Keep confiding in us all of your feelings as a poet:)

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