I miss that place
where I used to be:
my childhood land
with the lilac tree.

I miss that grass,
and those golden fields;
the times we used twigs
for our makeshift shields.

I miss that pond,
with the brand-new deck,
where we used a canoe
to make our trek.

I miss that barn,
with the musty stalls,
which I never minded,
never minded at all.

I miss the house
on the big, tall hill
with the dark green shutters
above the windowsills.

I miss our swings
and the mulberry tree
that stained our hands
and feet and knees.

I miss the horses
and their comforting smell
with sparkling eyes
that held my secrets well.

I miss the path running
through the woods
where I skipped and laughed
as lively as I could.

I miss my grandfather
and his good ol' dogs
and doing chores
and catching frogs.

I miss my grandmother
and her sweet smile
as I sat in her kitchen
as she did dishes awhile.

I miss those strays,
the cats we had,
whose kittens we'd catch
and get scratched real bad.

I miss those days
as we lay in the sun
soaking up all the rays
and just having our fun.

I miss those cats,
and their colorful fur,
especially Buttercup:
my favorite, her.

I miss dear Grandma
and her warm hugs
and her talent and her laugh
and her homemade rugs.

I miss ol' Gramps
and his mischevious ways
and his talkin' fast
and us balin' the hay.

I miss that path
that meandered in the trees
where the branches creaked
and whispered in the breeze.

I miss the horses,
and the bridle leather,
and feeding them oats
in all sorts of weather.

I miss the swing,
all knotted and worn,
and the climbing tree
where our clothes were torn.

I miss that hill,
with our little house,
that held just us
and sometimes a mouse.

I miss that barn
with the stalls and hayloft
where the sparrows gathered
and the hay was soft.

I miss the pond
where my favorite horse died
and I sat next to the water
and I remember I cried.

I miss the grass
that grew thin and tall
and hid all the bugs
and stole our baseballs.

I miss that place
from my childhood,
but I'd never forget it.
I don't think I could.

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