Escaping the Labyrinth

Long, dark corridors
Are all I can see as
I run and run and run,
Away from the monster
That chases me.
I cannot see it, nor
Can it see me,
But I sense its
Presence, and I
Am frightened.

The long corridors
Have nothing
On their walls
Like a friendly
Family home
Would have;
The corridors contain
Only doors, endless
Amounts of doors.

Sometimes, when I
Feel I am far enough
Ahead of the monster,
I open one of the doors.
So far, they only lead
To more passages,
More corridors,
More openings,
More doors.

I cannot escape
The labyrinth,
Just like I cannot
Escape the monster.
It is always on my
Heels, getting closer
Every minute,
Never stopping.
My body is becoming
Exhausted from the
Chase. I wish to lie
Down and rest,
Even for a few
Minutes, but I cannot.

I cannot escape the


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