Wind whips past my face
As I run,
Faster and faster
Into that cold night,
Running from the
Monsters in my sleep.

Except they are real.

Noises come from behind,
And my muscles ache
And scream as I run,
Faster and faster,
Into that cold night,
Running from the
Terrors in my sleep.

Except they are unimagined.

Tears squint past the corners
Of my eyes as the dark closes
In around me
As I run,
Faster and faster
Into that cold night,
Running from
Fear in my sleep.

Except it has come, and it
Is here, and I am exposed.

Here are the terrors,
The monsters,
The fear;
Here they are screaming
And laughing
And weeping.

I huddle in a
Corner, waiting,
Watching as they
Watch me,

It is here as I
Lay exposed that I
Notice some Light,
Just a small
Piece of Light,
In the one other
Corner of the room.

Between me and
That little piece
Of Light stand
The monsters,
The terrors,
The fear.

I must get to that Light,
Even if I may only
Touch it before
I die, to have
Lived my last moment
Without the monsters.

Without the terrors.

Without the fear.

I crawl slowly along the walls
As the monsters
Cackle and squeal
In their drunken victories,
Too wasted to see my
Movements, as
I make my way to the
Little piece of Light.

A few inches
From that corner
With Light,
A few seconds
Before I may touch
It, those
Monsters turn sober.
They see my attempt,
And spring at me.
Screaming, I move that
Last centimeter,
And my fingers graze
The piece of Light.

As the terrors start
To grasp my feet,
As the monsters try
To clutch my legs,
As the fear tries
To wrench my heart,
The Light grows.

It touches my face,
A warm, soft touch,
And slowly envelops
My body.

Where the fear had
Been wrenching my
Heart, there stood
Purity and Hope.
Where the monsters had
Been clutching my legs,
There stood Goodness
And Healing.
Where the terrors
Had been grasping my
Feet, there stood Faith
And Trust.

The whole of the space
Became filled with Light,
And the monsters, terrors,
And fear became gathered in
The corner where I
Had thought myself dead.

There those evil things
Became smaller and
Smaller, until they left but
A speck on the shining
Floor. The Light picked up the
Speck and put it in His
Pocket, and from the rays
Emanating from Him,
You could not
Even see the evil
In his pocket.

He saw my clothes,
And made them new.
He saw my qualms,
And demolished them.
He saw my eyes,
And made me remember
To forget the evil influence.
He saw me quaking,
And he embraced me as His child.

We walked Home together then.


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