Thoughts on a Friend Lost

We’ve fallen apart,
You and I.
Just the ‘us‘.
I’m still okay;
Are you?

I called you out.

I was exhausted
From your words,
Your irritating way
Of getting all attention
By asking for none.

It worked for you.
Not me.

I hated you,
It grew in my
Chest with everyday
Passing, while
I pasted on a smile
And lied with my
Face straight, and
You never guessed
A thing.
All the while the
Hate grew in my
Chest, secretly.

I spoke in my calm
Words; I was nearly
Poetic with my
Choices. I gave
You reasons,
I gave you chances.

You blew them all.
Just like that guy.

That was why I
Hated you.

You lost all
Sense of morality,
And soon your
Clothing showed
It; your music did,
Your personality
It was only ever defined
By guys anyway.
You died to me
Long ago.
I was at the funeral,
Looking, just
Observing like

Where were you?

I waited, I watched.

You never showed.

I always thought
People attended
Their own funerals…
At least

But you weren’t there
At all.

Just the person
You once were.

The new one

Could you ask
To switch
Because I
Liked the old


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